At Domaine de la Jasse Bruno and his ambitious wine making team only focus on high quality, dominated CABERNET-SAUVIGNON wines. The total La Jasse wine production is small and therefore limited, approx. 45 Hectoliters per hectare are only available for most of the vintages. The  majority part of  these La Jasse’s REDS will benefit from Bruno’s special “cuvaisons longues” on small 225 liter quality French OAK Barrels for a minimum period of approx. 10 to 12 months and a maximum period of approx. 16 to 18 months.

The involvement of GRAND CRU star winemaker Patrick Léon at La Jasse is invaluable and a solid guarantee for exceptional high quality and improvement for all wines crafted at La Jasse! Patrick Léon Grand Cru wine world began with Alexis Lichine (Château Lascombes) followed by approx. 20years Château Mouton Rothschild and other Châteaux and names in that Rothschild group. But also at his own Châteaux Les Trois Croix and international with Robert Mondavi when setting up ‘Opus One’ and ‘Almaviva’ with Concha Y Toro. The list of his creations is long, very impressive and he agreed to work with Bruno Le Breton and his  winemaking team, mainly because of two particular elements that in his opinion are very important:




The quality soils and wines… and the constant desire of Bruno and his team to always look ahead to the future with a high quality wine focus strategy.


Patrick Léon is involved in many key stages of the La Jasse winemaking, from the vineyards to the choice selection of NEW OAK BARRELS. All the La Jasse wines distributed by Bruno le Breton & his wine making team are approved and recommended by Patrick..... What quality guarantee seal can you ever wish for…!


The wines of la Jasse...and more!!!

“VIEILLES VIGNES” is one of Domaine de la JASSE most successful and known REDwines. It’s mainly produced from the Cabernet-Sauvignon- and a small part of Merlot grapes,  obtained from the ‘oldest vignes’ and given a classic maturation on on French oak barrels for approx. 12 months. It’s a magnificent Grand Seigneur, rich, complex and elegant powerful which easily could be mistaken for a Pauillac styled cuvee.

The “BLACK LABEL” cuvee, is La Jasse’s  absolute ‘BLOCKBUSTER’ ! It’s often a 100% CABERNET-SAUVIGNON creation, but that’s of course depending of the certain vintage of course. It’s a beautiful, elegant crafted Super Premium wine with that classic ‘Grand Cru’ potency. The Black Label cuvee matures on a selection of only the very finest , small French Oak 225 litters barrels, for a maximum period of approx. 16 to 18 months.








ROSĖ de la Jasse, is yearly created in very small quantities. It’s a most delicious and most crspy, refreshing type of ROSÉ wine, which has strong similarity towards the PROVENCE type of Rose.  This ROSÉ gently filtrated to clean the ‘juice’ and is fermented on a low temperature like a white wine to optimize against oxidation and to capture that irresistible juicy, crispy-fruity freshness with a lovely low  and most gentle, acidity level.


BLANCS de la Jasse are also available and these are carefully preselect from surrounding vineyards nearby who have been gifted with a precious “cool micro climate”. Yearly we provide an incredible ‘high quality white’,  our ‘BARRIQUE BLANC’, which has matured on oak barrels for approx. 6 to max. 8 months and has strong similarity towards the BIG BLANCS of Bourgogne. Next to this complex white, we also have a more joyful, fresh exotic Blanc, our “BLANC Tête de Cuvée”which is truly delightful and is a perfect daily companion.





We have our first medal of the year 2012

SILVER medal for our Barrique blanc de la Jasse 2010!

Awarded at the International Competition between the best Chardonnay in the world "Chardonnay du Monde"