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Patrick Léon

One of the greatest inspiration of La Jasse is the collaboration with Patrick Léon and his unique experience in the elaboration of the greatest wines of this world. The experience of Patrick Léon began with Alexis Lichine (Château Lascombes) followed by about 20 years with Baron Phillipe de Rothschild: he was the Technical Director, overseeing the production of the wineries and winemaking facilities of the castles Mouton Rothshild, Armailhac, Clerc Milon, Little Sheep, Silver Wing, Opus One in California, Almaviva in Chile, Domaine de Lambert and Baron d'Arques in Languedoc, and Mouton Cadet in Bordeaux.

He and his son Bertrand Léon contribute in the success of their own Château Les Trois Croix in Fronsac.

Today we are proud to say that he inspired us. Patrick Léon was involved in most of the key stages in the development of Domaine de La Jasse wines: monitoring the maturity of grape berries, evolution of the vineyard, selection of barrels and various heaters. All La Jasse wines were approved by Patrick Léon which is a solid and invaluable guarantee.

Maurice Chassin

Maurice Chassin articulates his work on the style and character of each of the cuvées of Domaine de la Jasse. Its main contribution is based on the tasting and the organoleptic description of the cuvées of the estate, as well as the definition of their qualities in terms of aromas and structure. He helps Bruno Le Breton to better understand the origin of the wine's organoleptic qualities: terroir, vinification and aging.

His valuable advice is an important decision tool.

Jean-François Vrinat

Jean François Vrinat accompanies the estate since the maturities of grape berries, during the delicate period of winemaking and the aging of wines. His main contribution is the relevance of his vision of the birth of vintages as well as his decline and his knowledge of Languedoc terroir.

He also accompanies the field on the experimental protocols set up such as winemaking without So2, the direct yeast from the grape harvest at the time of harvest.