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Bruno Le Breton's passion

The 'everyday grand cru'

Bruno Le Breton, true to la Jasse's philosophy of 'everyday Grand Cru', has the main objective of achieving optimal extraction on healthy and ripe fruit.

Here are the key points of Bruno Le Breton's philosophy:

  • Staying true to the terroir and micro-climate
  • Integrated farming respectful of the environment
  • Wait for the optimum grapes maturity
  • Promote synergies between the vines and biodiversity

Passionate by nature

Since taking over La Jasse in 2008, Bruno Le Breton has strived to make the world a better place, vintage after vintage. Winemaker known for his commitment to agroecology, his team is guided by the values of high standards, respect, responsibility, pleasure and sharing. It assesses its choices on a daily basis according to their social, environmental and economic impact.


Enjoy your favorite wines responsibly



Wine tasting is an exceptional experience that takes on a particular dimension: it is a moment of discovery, sharing and pleasure. To discover or rediscover a wine, it is necessary to be well prepared, to meet some material conditions and to understand what we are going to do!