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Passion and wine in Languedoc


'We create the ‘everyday grand cru’ and we shape our landscapes as much with those who see our vines as with those who share our wines'

- our purpose -

'Everyday Grand Cru'

La Jasse wines are all made like 'everyday Grands Crus': you will be happy to open these bottles for the choice of a committed winery and the pleasure of your taste buds.

Certified B Corp


La Jasse wines are produced by the family winery Maison Le Breton. It is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and works on making a better wine and a better world.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The favorite grape variety of La Jasse wines. Its small black berries offer structured and complex wines, with a powerful aromatic palette.


High standards, respect, responsibility, pleasure and sharing are the values that embody the foundation of our commitments to each of our wine lovers.

What is happening at La Jasse right now...

Bye-bye capsules!

Our bottles take the top off! Non-recyclable waste, the capsule only serves an aesthetic purpose on the bottle. We are proud to now remove it to offer you an even more eco-friendly wine experience!


We welcome you all year round

For an free walk between vineyards and scrubland, a guided tasting or a blending workshop, our team welcomes you all year round for a beautiful wine tourism experience!

Oenotourisme de la Jasse

Before pouring you a drink, discover the Responsible Wine Tasting Charter to guide you in this experience of pleasure and sharing !

Wine tasting is an exceptional experience that takes on a particular dimension: it is a moment of discovery, sharing and pleasure. To discover or rediscover a wine, it is necessary to be well prepared, to meet some material conditions and to understand what we are going to do!