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Passion and wine in Languedoc


Before serving you a drink, discover the Responsible Wine Tasting Charter to guide you in this experience of pleasure and sharing



Wine tasting is an exceptional experience that takes on a particular dimension: it is a moment of discovery, sharing and pleasure. To discover or rediscover a wine, it is necessary to be well prepared, to meet some material conditions and to understand what we are going to do!

Vendanges 2018

Les vignes sont vendangées, tout le travail réalisé pendant l'année a porté ses fruits ! 🍇 Le raisin arrive à la cave, toute l'équipe l'attend pour accueillir et vinifier le millésime 2018 🍷😀 Êtes-vous aussi impatients que nous ??

Publiée par Domaine de la Jasse sur Vendredi 31 août 2018


La Jasse means shelter in Occitan. The plane tree is now 110 years old, and has protected sheep for many years. It inspired the design of the domaine's logo.


Domaine de la Jasse is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility: the wine is made responsibly and sustainably.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The king of Domaine de la Jasse's grapes varieties. Its small black berries offer structured and complex wines, with a powerful aromatic palette.


Reflecting with reason, working with passionate people, the wines are made with care according to tradition and modernity.

Sustainability, our priority

From the vineyard to the cellar through the office, discover our certified standards ISO 6 000, HVE (High Environmental Value) and Terra Vitis: they testify Domaine de la Jasse wines' quality.
"Corporate Social Responsibility is to confront one's environment and see if one is in symbiosis with it, with its partners, their expectations and their needs, and it is also a question of transparency. Ask the right questions and act accordingly. » Bruno Le Breton